Rami Jaffee

Incredibly grateful to have Rami Jaffee joining The Legion of Decency on B3 and Mellotron. What a gift to have a talent like him adding to these songs. Not only an accomplished musician but equally accomplished at being a good human. For…
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Updated Tour Information

Well, we are incredibly excited to provide an updated tour stop. The Legion of Decency has been booked to play the second weekend of FyreFestival. We don't know a ton about it, but we have heard fantastic things from the promoters. Looking…
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Tour Dates

The Legion of Decency is announcing some tour dates prior to the release of the record. 2/18/17 - Internment Camp Number 1, East Wing Bunker 3/11/17 - Internment Camp Number 3, Recreation Yard As more internment camps are built, we…
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Doug Pettibone Once Again

We love this stuff. A magnificent guitar player added another eloquent track on a Legion of Decency song. This song has kind of an odd origin. The San Francisco Giants had a marketing slogan, "Together, We Are Giant." Born and raised in The…
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Doug Pettibone adds to The Legion of Decency

Guitar extraordinaire, Doug Pettibone, is contributing his amazing talent to The Legion of Decency. Our gratitude can't really be put into words when a man of his skill digs the songs and wants to contribute. The Legion of Decency keeps…
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Rolling Stones Next Weekend

The Legion of Decency will be hanging with The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, The Who and Roger Waters next weekend... Well us and about 64,998 others. As indicated by the flyer, The Rolling Stones played their first…
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Face Book

The Legion of Decency now has a Facebook page. Once the excitement dies down a tad we will add more posts. Thanks kindly for visiting.