Julietta Julietta
So the sunset has a name
and they made you into punk rock dreams
Then left you all the same

Julietta Julietta
When the fog has all rolled in
Did you dance to all the Black Flag songs
Or get lawyered up with Ginn

Julietta Julietta
How’d the platforms get so high
Were they built by all the broken hearts
And heavy hearted sighs
Heavy sighs

Heavy hearted sighs

Julietta Julietta
Someone drove all through the night
Rock the Casbah on the radio
Well it always sounded right

Julietta Julietta
Means the lipsticks always red
Means the choruses are meaningless
Cause the verse sticks in your head
In your head

The verse is in your head

Julietta Julietta
I know we never talked again
But I was happy just to play a show
With the other local bands
Local bands

Local shitty bands

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