The Good People of Los Angeles

All the good people of Los Angeles
Will you hold hands with us
As we march down the middle of Melrose Avenue
The singers leave the city an empty desert shell
The chateau never sells
A Maserati’s up on blocks out in front of my house

So even though (oooh) the freeway is slow (aaah)
The daydream keeps us high
Don’t no one beg (oooh) for another peg (aaah)
and your headshot never lies

Refinement moves through lack like choice is everything
A birdless bastard wing
Pitched a tent on a bridge over eastbound 10 tonight

And even though (oooh) they may say hello (aaah)
The weight will bend your spine
There’s a tumble down (oooh) then we sleep the ground (aaah)
While the starlets stand in line

All the good people of Los Angeles
Will you please pray with us
At the mass over there at Hollywood and Vine

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