Somewhere in Montana
She’s as quiet as a candle
If they ask about her road
Don’t no one know

See the car will just keep driving
The time will just keep timing
The air will just keep
Telling me to breathe

So I just breathe
In a stick shift driver’s seat
I just breathe
Nothing stays long underneath
But I just breathe
I just breathe
I just breathe

If Grams could stop me leaving
Through a door that’s labeled dreaming
I don’t think I heard her
utter such a word

No, she said sweetness get to flying
Visit when we all aren’t dying
And smell some flowers
by the Rusty Water Road

Oh just breathe
Like the air we have is clean
Yeah just breathe
July lungs and lightening trees
We just breathe
We just breathe
Baby just breathe

Spend the night in Whitefish summer
The folk song sung is such a lover
And all the spotlight ever brought
A man was bugs

He finished up so late on Sunday
Hung his hat to find on Monday
And all the asthma that he grew to love returned

So just breathe
Oh just breathe
Yes just breathe

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